Building the Bridge to our Common Dreams and Sustainable Future

Oregon China Council (OCC) is formerly the Oregon China Sister State Relations Council (OCSSRC)
Oregon China Council is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to seeking opportunities to improve people-to-people exchanges, mutual respect and prosperity between Oregon and China.

Founders of Oregon China Council (OCC) have organized Trade Missions to Oregon's Sister States - Fujian Province and Tianjin - since 1994. Over 50 Oregon legislators have traveled to China during this time period.

Oregon China Council brings together experts from Oregon and China for conferences and forums on business, tourism, investment and sustainable development to provide a higher level of understanding and cooperation.

Meet Oregon and Chinese officials and business leadership for key business, cultural, tourism and education at OCC events.

In honor of 40 years of U.S. China relations and 35 years of Oregon and Fujian Province Sister State relations, OCC will host an International Conference in 2019

OCC, Oregon and the U.S. are "in the news."
If you export to China, import from China, invest in China or engage in people to people exchanges with China, it is important to keep up-to-date and informed

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Upcoming Events -- 请点击

Oregon China Council Presents “Building the Bridge to our Common Dreams and Sustainable Future”

A 40th US-China Diplomatic Anniversary Event

          Friday, July 26, 2019

           Abernethy Center

           606 15th Street

           Oregon City, Oregon 97045

           USA TEL: +1-503-772-9400

The 9th Oregon-China Economic Forum

The 10th Oregon China International Conference on Culture, Education Investment, and Tourism

  Afternoon Combined Sessions
  (Free to the public, registration is required)

  Afternoon Combined Sessions
  (Free to the public, registration is required)

Trade Missions

Oregon Secretary of State and delegation at the Port of Tianjin, China - 2017 Trade Mission

Report on 2018 Oregon China Sister State Relations Council (OCSSRC) Trade Mission

The 2018 Oregon China Sister State Relations Council (OCSSRC) Trade Mission to China from October 27, 2018 thru November 13, 2018 had a core of eleven to fifteen delegates …

November 2017 Trade Mission led by Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson

Oregon China Sister State Relations Council (OCSSRC) carried out a successful November 2017 Trade Mission to China visiting seven key cities with relations with Oregon.

In The News

Oregon China Council

National and International

 Salem Statesman Journal – March 6, 2019, by Connor Radnovich

Hazelnut growers find common ground with Chinese diplomat

Capital Press — June 13, 2018

2018 Oregon China Economic Forum

Oregon firms eye more business opportunities in China

China Daily – March 13, 2018

China Daily – July 29, 2019

New analysis shows that U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods are chipping away at the trade deficit with China. But there are other questions to answer when it comes to whether the tariffs are having their desired effect.

The U.S. and China have improved mutual understanding and are reaching better consensus on trade issues, said Jin Xu, a former official at the Chinese commerce ministry.

Son of former US president says two countries need each other. Neil Bush, son of former United States president George H.W. Bush, has strong views on the current trade conflict between the US and China…​

By MAY ZHOU | China Daily | Updated: 2018-08-24 02:5

Why the U.S. approach to trade with China must change – It is no coincidence that as global trade has expanded over the last one and half centuries, especially in the last 50 years, prosperity has risen and poverty has receded in almost every part of the world.

By MAY ZHOU | China Daily | Updated: 2018-08-24 02:5




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